Zac Efron Busts His Grandfather Out Of Nursing Home To Watch Euro 2020 Soccer Match

If you needed another reason to love Zac Efron, I’m about to give you one. Last Sunday was the final match of the Euro 2020 soccer tournament (or “football,” as the Europeans and pretty much everyone but Americans call it) and Zac’s granddad is a big fan. So, he and his brother Dylan decided to bust their grandfather out of the retirement home he lives in so he could go and watch it with them as a family.

Zac and Dylan sneaked in like ninjas. I mean, not really, but it’s fun to pretend they did. In reality, they obviously made arrangements with the retirement home staff to take their grandfather out for the day, which I’m sure he loved.

The whole thing was captured on video. Thankfully, Zac captured himself tiptoeing around the retirement home, hiding from security, and “stealing” a security pass from a staff member to get through the doors before busting his grandfather out.

It wasn’t long before Zac’s grandpa was on the way. “Let’s get out of here!” the grandfather said when Zac and Dylan arrived. They wheeled him in his wheelchair down the hall and out of the facility before taking him home to watch the match.

This is pretty adorable any way you slice it. We love to see people spending time with their older family members. No doubt being able to watch the match with his grandsons really made the grandfather’s day!

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