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Woman in hotel quarantine ‘fed small, out of date food and treated like a criminal’

A woman staying in a Gatwick quarantine hotel after flying in from seeing family abroad claims she is being fed out of date child-sized ‘awful’ meals and treated like a ‘criminal’.

Claire Curtis, 31, has spent a week at the Sandman Signature Hotel, and claims she has been given a snack bar that was best before January 2021, hardly any fruit or vegetables, and meals that wouldn’t fill a child.

She has blasted the hotel for providing a small selection of unhealthy food each day, with breakfast either Coco Pops, fried egg sandwich or sausage roll; lunch typically being a sandwich, and dinner either a small portion of lasagne, burger and chips, or chicken tikka.

Claire is paying £1,750 for her 10-day enforced stay, but is now forking out extra as she said she’s resorted to ordering in expensive take-aways, which cost up to £18 a time, as she’s so sick of the hotel food, Hull Live reports.

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Claire Curtis

Claire Curtis says she is treated like a criminal

She said meals are changed every three days but there are very few options with fresh vegetables or salad, and she’s given fizzy drinks instead of water, and sachets of UHT milk for hot drinks with ‘best before’ dates of March 2021.

She also claims staff treat her ‘like a criminal’ despite her doing the responsible thing by quarantining to ensure she does not bring any Covid variants back into the UK from where she was staying in Dubai.

Claire said: “There’s absolutely nothing healthy. I have no idea what would happen if you were diabetic or had a restricted diet.

“My friend who is in a hotel in Heathrow sends me photos of her healthy food every day, with bottles of water, and fruit.

“I have had Coco Pops for breakfast every day as I don’t want fried food. One night I ordered burger and chips, and got burger and crisps as they’d run out. The portions are so small, they’re child-sized.

She claims to be surviving on out of date food

“I sometimes wait seven hours in between being given any food and I can’t leave my room to go and buy any.

“I normally look forward to hotel meals whenever I am away, but not here.

“While I am isolated in here I have nothing to do all day except look forward to what I am going to eat, but it’s just horrible.”

She said being alone in isolation makes her look forward to her food, but it’s been a constant source of disappointment.

“One night the chicken tikka came in a foil tray, it was upside down, with a small amount in it, it looked like it had already been half-eaten, it was awful.”

Claire, who works at a dental surgery in East Riding, said she feels as if prisoners get treated better.

She will have to stay at the hotel until Saturday

She said: “I feel like I am in a prison – except prisoners probably have it nicer.

“The staff knock at your door and say ‘time for your walk’ and they’re not very nice to you. I get a quick 15 minute walk, once a day.

“I am not being provided with a decent service or even being treated like a human being.”

She is due to be allowed home on Saturday.

A spokesman for the hotel said: “The food and drinks provided are of a high quality with care being taken to provide balanced meals, our current menu includes 19 meal options each day including halal, vegan and vegetarian options, many choices consisting of or including fruit and vegetables. Guests are given a choice of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, also a choice of desserts with their evening meal, this menu changes every four days to include new options.

“We provide various drinks options including fruit juices, fizzy drinks and water. The drinking water in the bedrooms of the property is also completely safe for consumption.

“We provide three meals a day as per Government recommendation, we understand that guests may feel they’d like to purchase other food options from outside of the property and respect this individual decision.

“We’d like to confirm that the security team employed to look after guests and take them for daily walks are not our employees and are members of a team employed by the Government to manage quarantine.”

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