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UK weather: Four more days of dismal rain

Sodden Brits must endure four more damp and dismal days before this miserable May spell of wind and rain finally ends.

Forecasts show a band of rain is set to sweep across western and central areas today, putting a dampener on weekend barbecue plans.

Scotland will be cold and wet on Monday to start a new week, while hail and thunder could hit England and Wales along with heavy showers.

The mercury will struggle to climb above 13C in London and the South East on Sunday and into the new week, with lows of 6C in the Midlands and north of England.

But the Met Office says that by Thursday, more settled and warmer temperatures will have returned to a level closer to normal.

Windy weather on Westminster Bridge, London on Friday
More windy weather in London on Friday

Meanwhile, it is reported a glorious 20C heatwave expected to last two weeks will arrive next month.

Temperatures will start to rise in the coming days and eventually reach blistering peaks in June, forecasters say.

It’s believed the balmy weather will remain for 16 days, a spell which will include Bank Holiday Monday.

London and the south is expected to see the best of the weather, the Met Office said today.

Alex Deakin, a meteorologist with the group, said: “Through Tuesday or Wednesday next week high pressure will move in and then stick around towards the end of the month.”

Met Office weather forecast
A few more dismal days lie ahead

“From next week we should see more reliable spells of sunshine.”

Long-forecast weather charts show widespread spells of high pressure move across the UK from the Atlantic by mid-June.

Annie Shuttleworth, a meteorologist with Met Office, said: “The most likely scenario at the moment is looking like predominantly dry weather, at quite a contrast to what we’ve seen with the wet weather in May, so that would be an improvement.

“We’re hoping by the end of May we will have much drier and settled weather across the UK.”

This month, though, could be one of the wettest Mays on record, surpassing 1967, when 131.7mm of rain fell across the UK.

Sunbathers in St James Park, London
Brits may finally be able to enjoy sunbathing weather again in June

Wales has seen almost double the average levels of rainfall for the entire month.

The nation has recorded 170mm of rainfall so far, making this month already Wales’ fourth dampest May on record.

Devon has also been hammered by 146.5mm of rain, which is 194 per cent of the region’s 75mm May average.

This makes it the eighth wettest May for the south-west pocket of the UK, against a record of 190.3mm.

Ms Shuttleworth added: “We have seen a lot of rain in Devon and Wales over the past week.

“They have seen well above those average in those sorts of regions.

“But there is a good deal of uncertainty in the forecast, so we’re hoping by the end of May we will have much drier and more settled weather across the UK.

“If this drier weather does come in, it looks like it will scupper any rainfall carrying on and accumulating as it has at this point in the month.”

Hot weather on March 30 this year
The country enjoyed a particularly hot day on March 30 this year


Many places starting dry with sunny spells, but a scattering of showers developing, before a band of rain, some heavy, and strong winds moves east across western and later central areas. This followed by heavy showers across Northern Ireland.


Rain, some heavy, clearing east across England, but becoming slow moving across central and then northern Scotland. Clear spells developing, but heavy showers following across Wales and southwest England.


Cold, wet and windy across northern Scotland. Sunny spells and heavy showers elsewhere, frequent England and Wales with risk of hail and thunder. Driest for Northern Ireland and southern Scotland.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday

Showers or longer spells of rain Tuesday and Wednesday for many areas. Western areas always drier, with these settled conditions developing more widely by Thursday. Temperatures recovering closer to normal.

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