“The Same People Singing Praises & Giving Glory To A Savior Are Planning To Harm A Minority Group”- Twitter Fan Fires

A twitter fan has again raised the argument of how minority groups in the country are being treated by people who calls themselves ‘Religious’ or better still ‘Christians’ for that matter.

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Recall the issues on giving the right to some minority groups like the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersexual (LGBTQI) community and some other groups like the Rastafarians community has been a very heated and tough ‘topic’ which has been discussed in every way possible being on the ‘traditional’ media and on various social media platforms.

In Ghana, although the laws are not clear on whether engaging in LGBTQI activities is a ‘crime’ the laws was tested when the group established their office and safe-house in the nation’s capital Accra, which was later shutdown by personal of the Ghana Police Service on the ‘Orders’ of the president.

As we mark the Christian Holy Week, which is the celebration of Easter, a Twitter fan according to her observation claims these same people who will be spending the weekend singing praises and giving glory to a Savior who was wrongfully executed will later come on social media and on the streets to plan of harming a minority group.

The same people who are going to spend the weekend singing praises and giving glory to a Savior who was wrongfully accused, persecuted and executed are on this app & on the streets persecuting and planning to harm a minority group. Just an observation.

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