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For the past 12 months, uncertainty has gripped our conversations. What was going to happen? What are the options to continue operating? they were just some of the questions that came to mind. Perhaps, among work teams and entrepreneurs, the most powerful uncertainty was: how to work together to successfully face a situation never seen before?

The work teams have played a fundamental role in this last year, where they have had to: adapt quickly to new circumstances, listen to the new needs of the market to transmit it to the rest of the organization and contribute all their talent and commitment to be able to strengthen the profitability even in openly adverse circumstances.

Now, in addition to a panorama marked by digitalization , dispersed and remote work, it also brings another component: the search for talent for work environments that allow a better balance between work and personal life where they offer schemes in favor of well-being .

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In the case of Justo , we decided to strengthen this type of approach in the four countries where we operate: Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Chile, where employees can take days off, personally, without being considered within the vacation periods set by the law of each country, which makes it possible to strengthen the focus on meeting objectives instead of quotas for hours in front of a computer.

Another interesting scheme is access to shareholdings known as stock options , which has detractors and defenders within the startup ecosystem, since it can be part of an attractive compensation package for the search and retention of talent, as well as a risk if the expectations of the business or employees are not met.

The truth is that stock options are a very powerful tool – and in this specific period – very valuable to reward the talent of the teams, in addition to advancing in strengthening a collaborative culture to jointly advance in a common business objective, which is an approach still little explored in Latin America.

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To the extent that companies value them responsibly and with commitment to all participants in the generation of business value – it can make an important difference in the work environment, in the way of managing teams as well as having better conditions to achieve a lasting positive impact on the solutions we offer.

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