Step-Mom and Son Indulging In Sexual Affair Unknown The Fath…

We are living in a world full of many surprises. Some things happen and we call them miracles because they hardly happen. What used to be taboo in ancient times is no longer taboo today.


You must have probably heard of blessers and sugar mommies. Everyone feels free to make love to whoever they want to, regardless of age. It is not really a problem to love some regardless of their age. However, there should be boundaries. Certain factors can actually stop two people from falling in love.

One factor is that they are related. Being related is not only about blood. I believe that if two people each have kids of their and they decide to get married, the children will become more of siblings.

The mother and children or the father are children are also regarded as being related to one another. What then happens if the parent and the child fall for each other? It is taboo but, yes but it does happen.

Below is the screenshot of a lady and son who are step-mom and step-son. It is clear from the chats that the two were doing more than they both were supposed to do.

One can tell from the conversations that they are doing something behind the father’s back – this is pure betrayal.

The son also seems to not be interested in this anymore because he states that the mother does not love him and she is only using him.

The woman seems to be using the son. She claims that she loves him but is asking him for the impossible.

What I’m asking myself is how this whole thing started. Who approached who? I mean, even if one can think of doing such with another person it will still be hard to tell them.


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