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See How Villagers Repelled Bandits’ Attack and Killed Some


Reports just reaching Efogator Media from Kebbi state say Villagers from Arewa local government of Kebbi state successfully repelled bandit attacked on their village and killed some of them in the process.

Recall that Kebbi state as been adjudged the most peaceful state in Northern Nigeria and arguably in the whole country.

It is also noted that perhaps, such gallantry is the reason the state enjoy this level of peace.

Below is the narration from one of the eye witness:

I’ve been following the incident from that night to this point

The incident happened not yesterday but Friday March 26th 2021 at Gumki at about 11pm (night).

The Kidnappers came to a house and abducted the guys living in the house. The Villagers summoned courage and chased them across villages, on getting to R/tsaka they too joined hands and continue chasing after the bandits.

Villagers Repelled Bandits' Attack and Killed Some

Villagers Repelled Bandits' Attack and Killed Some

Though, the bandits were shooting with live ammunition throughout the night until when they ran out of ammunition.

When the pursuit got to Barikin- Daji (a village bordering Arewa and Bunza LGs) the villagers too joined the race.

Alhamdulillah, they snatched the abducted guys from them though one of them sustained injury.

Because of the determination and courage, my people kept on the struggle until in the morning hours when they killed 2 of the useless creatures and caught one of them.

Moreso, they continued when later in the afternoon hours caught another one and handed over both the corpses and the live ones.

Villagers Repelled Bandits' Attack and Killed Some

Following day, (yesterday) the mighty villagers were on their feet hence killed one more (making 3 ba).

Still in the afternoon hours of yesterday, one more of them was caught while on transit from Niger republic to around Gumundai village.

Unfortunately, 2 of the villagers (from Bunza LG) were killed by the wicked bandits. Allah jikansu!

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