Police Officer Reportedly Calls For Backup Because Of ‘Drone’ Following Her That Was Actually The Planet Jupiter

No matter how intelligent you are, chances are you’ve done something (or more than one thing!) in your life that’s so dumb you’re embarrassed just thinking about it now. That’ll certainly be the case for the rookie police officer in Glasgow, Scotland who called for backup recently believing a drone was following her, only to find out it was the planet Jupiter.

To be fair to the officer, it was after midnight when she first noticed it. The bright light in the sky would seem a whole lot creepier in the dead of night, and given that visibility is reduced, I’ll also cut her some slack on not being about to ID the perp right away.

She tried to “lose the drone” throughout her shift. According to The Daily Record, the officer drove to a local shopping center but no matter how she tried to evade it, it continued to follow her.

She eventually called it into the station. Letting her fellow officers at Police Scotland know that a drone was following her and she “couldn’t lose it,” she was told by the operator to head back to the station and talk about it with a senior officer.

When she got back to the station, the mystery was unraveled. Senior staff found the officer “standing in the police yard with her hood up trying to hide from the ‘drone’ and pointed out the bright white dot in the sky.” When the senior officer looked up, they realized that it wasn’t a drone at all, it was the planet Jupiter.

Apparently, this is the talk of the station. “Nobody can quite believe it,” a police source told the Daily Record. “She was very alarmed and spooked that she was being followed by a drone.” However, now that she knows the truth, she’s “embarrassed” and the source believes the incident is “going to haunt her for years.”

This is a pretty crazy story that I’m hoping is too crazy to be true, but people do dumb things, so it’s probably totally legit!

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