Pearl Modiadie Open Up On How She Lost Weight After Pregnancy

Former Metro FM presenter Pearl Modiadie has opened up on her weight loss journey after the birth of his son. The star revealed how she got a banging body after pregnancy.

Weight loss after pregnancy seems to be a major issue for some women but not for Peal Modiadie. The star took to her Twitter account to share her excitement about how she got a banging post-partum body.

“I gained a whopping 18kg’s when I was carrying Lewatle. I’m now 10kg’s down , 8 to go!” Pearl wrote.

A curious fan asked the star how she achieved such an incredible feat, and Pearl did her a favour by revealing her secret.

“I’ve been watching what I eat most of the time, tried intermittent fasting and recently started putting a lot of effort at the gym so the fasting is on hold! I’ve also swapped fizzy drinks & juices with water and green tea,” Pearl said.

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