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Odogwu(Great Man): That word alone is the cause of numerous problems today in the entertainment sector.

Odogwu means king, CHAMPION, Great Man in Igbo land. Everyone seems to be in a hurry and in competition with themselves.

The biggest names today in the entertainment sector are all at war with one another with Wizkid forming an alliance with Burna Boy against Davido’s 30 Billion Gang.

While Olamide Badoo , the voice of the street claims he is all on ANOTHER LEVEL.

As we officially kick-off the countdown to the 2023 presidential election so many political pundits are trading words on who would emerge as the Most Valuable Player(Odogwu) for the season.

So many top players are being mentioned as likely successors to President Buhari whose stewardship at Aso Rock would elapse in 2023.

So who dey ToToRi them? Who is drawing the map? Wey d person with the SWAG? (Odogwu)

‘It’s Up for Grabs Now’ as Team Atiku opened the pre-season in preparation for an open transfer market.

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Atiku concluded his sales of shares at INTELS and it is expected that the proceeds of the windfall would be invested in buying Strikers for Team Atiku FC.

Goodluck Jonathan has resumed his international tour seeking the support of the international community with the backing of the presidency.

The draw is due to get underway shortly, when the likes of APC holders, Team Tinubu and PDP trio Team Atiku, Team GEJ, and Team Kwankwaso will discover their group stage fate.

Team GEJ is likely to be drawn in the same presidential group as team Tinubu FC. Even Team Kwankwaso is confused about which platform to via for the presidency.

Only team Atiku looks sure for the PDP draws and team Tinubu for the APC.

The rest are still on the edge of seeking the contest under any of the aforementioned parties.

I’ll leave you to ponder over the outcome but thank you for joining me and fingers crossed some of these juicy fixtures will deliver!

The 2020 pre-season has kicked off with Team Tinubu all the way as the likely champions. Team Tinubu is preparing to fly over every obstacle.

Preparation starts with choosing the right team to study throughout the season, to achieve better concentration it is expected that the head coach takes a RETREAT (vacation) and carefully work on the same leagues and teams, the more you know about them the better.

Team Tinubu started 2020 season with the head coach, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the Jagaban of Borgu proceeding on a foreign trip to the United Kingdom for VACATION away from all the distractions from the day to day activities of political associates and scheming.

Already Tinubu is on “One-nil!” way ahead, Some people on the pitch assumed it was all over with a fake report of Tinubu gravely ill from coronavirus complications, they began praying and fasting on behalf of the head coach for a sickness that never existed.

Viola, Tinubu’s secret was revealed, the head coach was on a retreat in London strategizing on the likely attackers to deploy in the next group stage set to be drawn shortly.

The South-West seems fully behind Tinubu as more and more leaders have signed up for Team Tinubu FC in preparation for the final stages.

As the table stands now you are looking at the CHAMPION, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He presently stands way too big ahead of others.

The next few weeks all the BIG BOYS in the country will learn their fate (so to speak) for the next phase of the competition.

Thank you for joining us today on the highlight of the 2020 pre-season champions league coverage.

I remain your humble host Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.

Source iReporteronline.

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