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Obiano’s Performance Offers APC Best Chance to Win Anambra

George Moghalu

By Adedayo Akinwale

The Director General of National Inland Waterways (NIWA) and a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. George Moghalu, has said that the performance of Governor Willie Obiano offers the APC the best opportunity to win the the State in the forthcoming governorship election.

George, who stated this while addressing a press conference yesterday in Abuja, said Anambra people are not satisfied with governance in the State at the moment.

According to him, “As to whether we have the chance, we have a very great chance now because our people are not satisfied with governance in the State as it is today. It is a case of having married this husband for some time. PDP has ruled our State, APGA has ruled our state, why don’t we try APC now and see whether the narrative will change and see the difference so that we can be able to make an honest comparative analysis.”

He said APC would go into the election with its report card by presenting what APC as a government has been able to do in the South-east and Anambra State in particular.

The director general further stressed that this time around the people of Anambra will trust APC because there is a new reawakening, particularly in the South-east, adding that it was not necessarily about the old narrative, but it is about new consciousness

Moghalu added, “Why will they not trust APC when the facts are on ground. I will just use one example, in 16 years they were flagging off the Second Niger Bridge, every four years they flagged it off and after flagging it off, they dismantled the canopy and the story ended there. Until Buhari came into office , we are talking of completion day, isn’t that enough story to tell?.”

He said having contested in 2003, his desire to change the narrative, as well as his capacity, capability and determination to change the story of his State made him to throw his hat into the ring the second time.

Moghalu stated: “I believe that quite a lot of things have not been done right. I believe that there are better alternatives, there are better ways to do a lot of things to change the story. But as we get along when I will be able to unfold my manifesto, people will be able to understand exactly the driving force. But basically there is determination and the desire to serve our people at the level of governance.”

Asked what he plans to do differently, he added, “let me use an analogy to answer that question. If you enter a dark room with candle light, there is light, you can see your face. If you enter the same dark room with fluorescent light, it becomes brighter, if you take a flood light into that, it becomes daylight and that is governance and you can’t give what you don’t have. So, they have given what they have to the limit of their capacity, I am confident and convinced that I will do better.”

He pointed out that the only thing the party needs to do was to ensure that it does not provide bullets that the opposition would use against it by providing a candidate that cannot be sold.

The party chieftain said it was important that the party takes into cognisance past experience, non exposure, capacity and ability to contest and win the election without any baggage.

On the issue of zoning in the State, Moghalu said there was no place where an agreement was reached in terms of everybody sitting down to sign an agreement that it must be zoned to Anambra South.

He, however, added that for justice, equity and fairness, and considering the narrative between the traditional rulers, key players, and critical stakeholders, they had all agreed that the right thing to do was to zone the position of the governor to Anambra South.

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