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NIS Promotes 87 Senior Officers

NIS Promotes 87 Senior Officers
The comptroller General of Immigration Service, Muhammad Babandede, MFR, today 18th May 2021, decorated senior officers of the NIS promoted by the Civil Defence, Correctional, Fire and Immigration Board (CDCFIB), vide a letter referenced CDCFIB/NIS/2020/PE/621/VOL.1/1.

2. The total number of senior officers decorated is as follows:
a.   CIS – ACG…………. 30
b.   DCI – CIS …………… 57
Total                   87
3. The number of other officers who were also promoted within the same period is 2071, bringing the total number of newly promoted officers to 2158.
4. During the decoration of the 30 ACGs and 57 Comptrollers, the Comptroller General of Immigration Service, Muhammad Babandede, MFR, congratulated the affected Officers and urged them to exhibit high sense of professionalism and commitment to duty in line with the mandate of the Service especially in furtherance of the Federal Government’s policy on ease of doing business.
5. The CGI used the opportunity to announce the suspension of receiving and processing of all fresh Passport applications nationwide till 1st June 2021, when the new Passport regime would have taken effect. He said the suspension of receiving and processing of fresh passport applications, is to allow for clearance of every Passport application that was received before 17th of May 2021, adding that a Task Force supervised by ACGs, will be sent to Passport offices to clear the backlog.
6. CGI Babandede further stated that the new passport regime is expected to commence on the 1st of June 2021, for a delivery period of 6 weeks from the date of submission of applications if there is no local objection (if all documents are complete)


CIS Sunday James pcc
Service Public Relations Officer
For Comptroller General of Immigration

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