Mom Left Devastated When No One Turns Up To Her Son’s 6th Birthday Party

A loving mom was left devastated after no one turned up to her son’s sixth birthday party. TikTok user @dawners86 put together a lovely celebration for her son JJ complete with decorations and plenty of food at a park for their 22 invited guests. However, she was “heartbroken” when not one person showed up for the big day, leaving JJ to play on his own.

The mom went to great lengths to make JJ’s day special. In a video shared to the social media site, you can see how hard the mom worked to give JJ a great birthday. “So we’re sitting at the park for JJ’s birthday party, we got everything ready, his party started half an hour ago,” she says in the clip. “He had literally zero people show up for his birthday. My poor little man.”

Yes, everyone knows COVID-19 is still very real. @dawners86 knows that the pandemic is still very much out there and understands why some people might not feel comfortable going to a party. However, there are no more restrictions in place where they live and she was holding the party outdoors to make it as safe as possible. But seriously, not a single person out of 22 showed up?

The video of JJ’s party went viral online. It garnered more than 2.8 million views and nearly 500,000 views, not to mention thousands of comments from people showing support for JJ and his mom. Many even offered to send gifts, which his mom gratefully refused, asking well-wishers to donate to a children’s hospital instead. “All the comments and offers to buy JJ presents – they are greatly appreciated. But JJ doesn’t need any toys, he just asked very politely if you guys would send any extra gifts to the children’s hospital closest to you,” she said in a follow-up video. “He has toys, he just wanted to spend time with friends.”

Eventually, two sets of parents did show up. They helped make JJ’s day special, and that’s really all that matters.

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