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Meet the seven members that started Winners Chapel


Hello ladies and gentlemen who visits my little corner of the World Wide Web; I am sharing with you today the story of how the now very famous church, Living Faith Church, aka Winners’ Chapel began about 40 years ago.

At the begining, Winners Chapel started as Liberation Faith Hour Ministries in 1981. Bishop Oyedepo got the mandate to preach the word of faith. The church after Bishop Oyedepo had received his mandate was shared with Faith Abiola Akano( Bishop Oyedepo’s spouse then) and other members of the joint campus fellowship which consisted of David Abioye, Emmanuel Oset, Joseph Ebhohimen and Dickson Olorunda and other visionary men.

how winners chapel began

To kickstart the ministry a prayer group tagged “Power House” was formed. The Faith Liberation Hour started at ECWA youth church in Ilorin, Kwara state. The group which was full of undergraduates from various institutions prayed for twenty-six months and on September 17, 1983 the church was fully commissioned. The church service started at Ungwan Rimi of Kaduna in December 1983.

Below are the seven members that started the church:

1. Rev. Emmanuel Olorundare Adedayo-Oset

Emmanuel Olorundare Adedayo-Oset

He was the Deputy head of the church when it started in Kaduna state. He didn’t join his brethren immediately at Kaduna because he was put in charge of Faith Liberation Hour in Ilorin. He later formed his own church tagged “Canaan Ministries”. Today, Canaan ministries is now a big church in Ilorin with lots of branches.

2. Joseph Okoruwa Ebhohimen

Joseph Okoruwa Ebhohimen

He met Bishop Oyedepo at a Prayer programme in Ilorin and he later turned to a prominent member of power house group and he was among the pioneers members in Kaduna. He was then appointed as the first prayer group leader of the church and later became the chairman of the church national committee between 1998 to 1999. He attained the post of Bishop and in 2008, he left to establish Pace Setters Christian Assembly located in Port Harcourt.

3.Bishop David Abioye

david abioye

He also met Bishop Oyedepo at a students prayer programme in 1980. In 1987 when the church branch increased to five, Bishop Abioye was selected to head the Maiduguri branch while Oyedepo head to Lagos from Kaduna in 1989. He is the first vice president of Winner Chapel.

4. Bishop Dickson Olorunda

dickson olorunda

He was among the visionary few that Bishop Oyedepo’s shared his mission with. He was among the first eight people who started the Winners Chapel in Kaduna. The man of God left Winners Chapel in 2007 to start Royal Destiny Church in Benin city.

5. Faith Abiola Oyedepo

faith oyedepo

She married Bishop Oyedepo in the year 1982. Two years after their wedding, Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God ordained the couple as Pastors and they formally began their ministry. Now, Mrs Faith Abiola Oyedepo is the Vice President in charge of Education at Winners Chapel.

6. Bishop Thomas Aremu

thomas aremu

He became a full time Pastor in 1994. He was part of brethren that later joined in Kaduna. Today, Bishop Thomas Aremu is the Vice President in charge of Winner Chapel Mission Inspectorate service.

7. David Olaniyi Oyedepo

david oyedepo

He was converted by Betty Lasher and today he has became a powerful man of God after he received his mission in 1981.

Bishop Oyedepo and Betty Lasher

David Oyedepo and Betty Lasher

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