Meet the Nigerian style icon, Prince James Oresanya, who is swiftly sweeping the nation with his brand JCCLUB.

The father of two took to YouTube telling the world his story.
Inspiration starts and stops right here. Prince James goes on to say how he travelled all the way from his home town, Ketu, Lagos with nothing except a dream in his pocket to become one of the UK’s largest fashion designers. The JCCLUB owner is far from disappointing and quickly becoming a hot topic across one of the world’s biggest social media platforms, Instagram.
Hitting a staggering 50,000 followers in just a matter of weeks, through the backing of non other than playboy model, Rebecca Mcallister. The owner has even landed himself a spot in the one and only, Times Square in NYC.

Miss Mcallister is not the only one to showcase the brand across the billion dollar platform. Influencers far and wide are jumping through hoops to get their hands on Prince James’s exclusive designs.
Speaking to Prince James directly, We asked him what it has been like on his journey so far, James then continued to say;
“When I first came to the UK, I never imagined that it would become so popular so fast. I just kept on chasing my dream and now it’s become a reality, I am so grateful and very happy that JCCLUB is continuously growing. I would like to say thank you to everyone that has shown me love and support, and thank everyone that has been a part of my journey with me so far.

You can link on to JCCLUB via;
Instagram@Jamesclothing.mcr or watch the YouTube story here.

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