I Warned Anokye Supremo Not To Joke With Daddy Lumba But He Ignored


The former music producer and sound engineer of legendary musician Daddy Lumba, Roro has made some damning revelation about Daddy Lumba and his looked alike.

In an interview with Kofi Adomah on Kofi TV that he is currently in a spiritual court with Daddy Lumba over an incident that happened to him four years ago. According to him, he fell sick for four years but the musician Daddy Lumba never paid him a visit. He narrated that his illness happened when he suffered a cardiac arrest on stage while working with Daddy Lumba during an event at Kumasi.

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He recounted how he fell on stage when they were having a performance due to a heart attack. He disclosed that the incident happened in front of the musician Daddy Lumba but he refused to help. He disclosed that he was bedridden for four years but the musician never called to check upon him.

Narrating his recovery, he disclosed that God saved him from the heart attack because it wasn’t a normal heart attack but spiritual. He added that after his recovery he has moved closer to God and also saw how evil men can be. “The Lord showed me who wanted to kill me but it will bounce back to the person and everyone in Ghana will be a witness,” he said.

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“I’m in a spiritual court with Daddy Lumba and God will give his final verdict between me and him soon. I even warned Anokye Supremo not to joke with him because Daddy Lumba is powerful in the realms of the spirit. But he never listened to me and he died out of it. God will never allow the wicked to rule forever and very soon Ghanaians will witness what will happen to him.” Roro told Kofi Adoma.


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