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First Female ADC to a Sitting Governor In Nigeria

Meet SUPOL Miss Ifeoma Amaya, a beautiful and intelligent female police officer serving as ADC to a sitting governor in Nigeria.

There is no denying the fact that women of today have been proving their worth of being equal to the men in all ramifications, which validate the common saying that what a man can do, a woman can even do it better.

Miss Ifeoma Amaya is a demonstration of this saying after being appointed the first female ADC to a sitting governor in Kogi State.

Aide-de-camp before the appointment of Ifeoma Akaya was exclusively reserved for the men, owing to the society norm of men being more active and powerful than women in terms of security, but the governor of Kogi State broke this jinx with the appointment of a lady as ADC proving that women also have greater roles to play in our society.

SUPOL Miss Ifeoma Amaya has not only written her name on the sands of time, but the executive governor of Kogi State has equally made history with this announcement as the only sitting governor past and present with a female ADC. History will always be a constant reminder of both names.

Miss Ifeoma Akaya by profession is a qualified lawyer cum a police officer. She got enlisted into Nigerian Police by December 2016, after her graduation from the prestigious Igbinedion University Okada, Benin City.

She hails from Benue State and also shares things in common with her late Dad, Charles Akaya, who was also a legal luminary and a former commissioner of police.

Since her appointment as an ADC to Yahaya Bello, the sitting governor of Kogi State, she has been performing creditably well and no function she won’t be seen in the convoy of the sitting governor of Kogi State.

Miss Ifeoma Amaya

Nevertheless, in as much the Governor is pleased with her performance, she will be in the same position until the sitting Governor of Kogi State vacates office, and no can tell, she might be appointed by another Governor after Yahaya Bello vacates office.

Miss Ifeoma Amaya

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