Christmas 2020: Quirky makeup ideas to liven up your celebra…

Christmas is here– your closest friends have been invited, Christmas tree decorated, and the gingerbread cookies are almost ready but what about your makeup?

If you are looking for some glamourous cues to match up to the festive spirit then look no further, we have the best makeup ideas for you! Check them out below.

Want to be a gift to the world? We say show how it should be done! This is one of our favourite makeup looks — it is simple but the little gift boxes steal the show. Not only that the red eyeliner with a green lower lash line is totally a drool-worthy makeup look perfect for this season!

Candy cane and Christmas go hand in hand — if you don’t agree with us, take a look at this beauty blogger’s makeup look. He totally aces the seamless eyeshadow blending and the perfect contour along with bright red lips which speak nothing but festivities to us!

Want to steal everyone’s attention just how Mr Grinch stole the Christmas? What better way to recreate this look? If you look closely– you can witness the seamless blending and the sharp white winged eyeliner which totally takes the look to a whole new level.

For those who like to keep it simple — all hail the bold red lip and a smokey winged brown liner. Make sure you dab a bit of foundation on your lips to cancel out any darkness so that the lip colour can look brighter than before!

Last but not the least, here is another perfect makeup look for Christmas you can recreate. If you are wondering how to get your hands on a red eyeliner then we suggest using your red lipstick and your slanted eyebrow brush for that perfect winged liner. However, if you want to tone down this look, then ditch the red lipstick and go for a pink nude shade instead.

Here are some other looks you can check out too!

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