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Benefits of Kashmiri Saffron – the most expensive spice

Saffron has recently been mentioned and bought to use by many online community sisters, to better understand Saffron Organic Kashmir would like to share the article on the origin of the spice as well as the herb. That is why countries such as Iran, Greece, Morocco and Kashmir are believed to be the capitals of saffron cultivation and production, especially Iran when it produces 90% of the saffron pistils worldwide each year.

Speaking of saffron pistil (Saffron), perhaps the first point that people are impressed by their immense cost. It would not be wrong to say that the saffron pistil is way more costly than precious metals and is said to be “red gold”. So why is saffron (Saffron) so expensive? To answer this question, we first need to consider how people make saffron pistil (Saffron). Saffron is the pistil of the saffron flower. And you know, each saffron flower has only 4 flowers, each flower has 3 stamens.

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Kashmir is the best place to produce excellent quality saffron fibbers. Saffron Kashmir recognizable by its deep purple-red color; It is one of the darkest colors, with strong flavours, aromas and color effects.

The Mogra is the most advanced Kashmir Saffron line of yellow stigmas with cut off the stigma. Below, we will discuss the benefits of Kashmiri Saffron and how to use it on daily basis.

Saffron Kashmir is easily distinguished from other types of saffron thanks to the characteristics:

• Saffron fibbers are thick, large and uniform;
• Characteristic dark purple saffron;
• Saffron fibber is intact, tough, flexible after use, not broken or broken in water;
• When immersed in water, it produces a shiny yellow color;

Benefits of Saffron Kashmir:

• Improve sleep;
• Reduce stress due to work at work, work in the family;
• Strengthen digestive immunity;
• Aids in the treatment and prevention of cancer-causing factors;
• Skin rejuvenation, Skin bright and smooth;
• Balance the endocrine system in the body;
• Improvement of premenstrual syndrome in women;
• Improved premature ejaculation and infertility in men;
• Increase libido;
In addition, saffron also has many other uses such as digestive aid, stabilize blood pressure, push back the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

How to use

Daily drinking water:

With hot water, wait 5 minutes to drink, and cool water, it is 15-20 minutes;
With 5-8 fibbers saffron can be mixed with 2 litters of drinking water a day;
It is best to add a little hot water for saffron to take out the precious nutrients and then add cool water to drink;

Soak saffron in milk / juice:

Create the characteristic flavour of saffron for drinks while also being nourishing for health.

Use as a condiment in dishes:

Nutritious, create a beautiful golden flavour and color. Many chefs around the world use saffron this way.

Facial, skin beautifying:

Soak saffron in honey, milk, yogurt with just enough amounts and apply the solution on your face provided you are buying the saffron from the reputed saffron brand.

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