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Ankara Styles for Guys – Best Ankara Outfits for Men 2020

Latest Ankara Styles for Guys has taken over the world fashion scene after the Africa Fashion Week London was founded in 2011. Also known as AFWL, the event was founded by Ronke Ademiluyi to introduce and promote African fashion.

Since its advent, several catwalk events have been hosted since, and hundreds of emerging designers have displayed their talent. These fashion shows have to lead to a rise in awareness of Africa’s fashion industry to the rest of the world.

Ankara Styles for Guys

Entering 2020, Ankara is a fantastic option for not only women but men as well. The attractive vibrant prints look equally splendid on guys regardless of their age, race, or color.

So today, we’ll be sharing some unique dressing ideas for men who are obsessed with African Ankara prints. But first, an introduction is necessary.

Ankara Styles for Guys: What is Ankara?

Ankara is also called African Wax Prints or Dutch Wax Prints. These are cotton fabrics that have been dyed and patterned in vibrant hues and colorful designs. They are representative of the African culture and are the most common clothing materials in Africa and West Africa. The printing method is batik-inspired.

Ankara Styles for Guys

Ankara Styles for Guys Production

Batik is a technique of dying cloths in wax-resistant ways. The technique originated in Indonesia. In this technique, the wax is applied to the fabric in patterns.

The application is made either by hand in the form of dots and such or through stamps and patterned blocks. The wax is dye resistant, so the color applied after the wax doesn’t affect it. The wax is then removed by hot water.


The process of Batik was being used in Africa long before the Dutch introduced it in the colonial era (one such use was in the embalming of mummies).

However, the efforts of the Dutch to replicate the process lead to the production and popularity of wax prints in Africa. Their efforts failed in Europe.

Ankara Styles for Guys Significance

The prints became popular in West Africa in the 1880s, and by the mid-twentieth century they became completely African-owned and an essential part of the African culture.

Their significance can be understood by the fact that African women use these prints as a means of non-verbal communication. Different designs can be named after cities, personalities, sayings, and such, and each pattern carries and communicates a different meaning.

Ankara Styles for Guys Imitation Wax Prints

These are digitally printed instead of the batik method of production; they’re also called African Fancy Prints. These digital imitations are cheaper than the traditional prints and are thus more affordable than the imported ones.

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