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10 famous Nigerian celebrities with their adorable dogs

Hello guys, i want to share with you today, 10 famous Nigerian celebrities who own dogs. Nigerian celebrities love their pets and aren’t hesitant to flaunt them on social media. Some people only post sentimental pet tributes once in a while, while others express puppy love regularly. And a few celebrities are so devoted to their canine friends that they’ve built their own Instagram pages for them. It’s fantastic to find out that all of these celebrities take really good care of their dogs, as dog care is crucial for keeping the pup happy and healthy.

Dogs are often attributed to as “man’s best friend,” so take a look at some of the celebrities and their furry companions! Let’s discuss ten celebrities who are not just dog owners but are truly in love with them.

Below are 10 famous Nigerian celebrities and the name of their dogs:

1. Tonto dikeh (tonto dikeh)

If you’ve seen tonto dike with her dogs previously, you’ll be surprised to learn that the dogs have taken on the role of a baby to her.

Tonto, the strange actress, adores dogs so much that she owns and hangs out with her dog around town. According to sources, the dog sleeps with her, plays with her, and follows her around like a baby.

2. Iyanya

Iyanya is a well-known singer. Iyanya is also obsessed with his puppies. He undoubtedly adores his puppies more than anything else, as shown by the fact that they even share the same sofa.

Iyanya shares photos of himself and his dog on his Instagram account, and that post get a lot of attention from his fans. Many people believe they have become almost identical.

3. Niniola

The Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter have a deep affection for her dog.

Niniola’s puppy, cookie, has an Instagram profile (@niniolacookie) that is super cute. She occasionally posts a picture with cookie on her own Instagram as well.

She posted a very cute video on her Instagram account in which she showed how her dog refused to kiss her because she provoked him a bit.

4. Uzikwendu

Meet Leo, uzikwendu’s dog. Uzi is a macho kid, so getting an Alsatian dog is a no-brainer for him. He once mentioned that when he goes out for foreign tours, he misses many things and his pets are on the top of the list.

5. Empress Njamah

Empress Njamah, a Nigerian celebrity and dog lover, announced in a post that she has ten dogs in her possession after numerous questions emerged from her followers.
The bayelsa state native took to Instagram to post a series of images of her with various dog breeds.

While her visit to the United States, the actress took to Instagram to share pictures of herself and her dog flying out of the country with ease and elegance in business class. Njamah not only proved she could manage it for herself but also her pet dog, a French bulldog

10 famous Nigerian celebrities with their adorable dogs

6. Lota

Lota has three dogs…they’re just so adorable, and she loves them more than anything. She spent considerable time with her dogs on children’s day, even carrying them inside her car and driving them around. She writes in one of her captions:
“Happy national children’s day! I believe I’m able to open my heart to love…and loss again! “

7. Asa

Asa, a Nigerian-born French singer, currently based in Lagos, shared pictures of her two dogs and car collection on social media.
Who knew this great singer was a dog lover? She is the mother of two adorable dogs.

8. Toke makinwa

As reflected by his heartfelt note about his puppy, she loves her dog. “6 months ago, you came into my life all smelly after a long flight, but one look at you and I knew you were trouble,” the 32-year-old media personality.

Happy six months. “coco, you bring me so much joy! Spice, I love your crazy funny and adorable personality.”

Toke also threw a small celebration for the adorable puppy, filled with cookies, candies, and other festivities. She used snapchat to post clips from the party. She has another dog named spice too,

9. Banky w

He is so fond of his dog that he calls him a duke. The singer had an aso-ebi made for his puppy, which showed up at his marriage ceremony in Lagos.

10. Flavour

Flavour’s affection for his dogs is evident; he spends some of his free time training the dogs and making a full house play around with them. The dogs’ names are miley, jayz, major banks, nicky, and 2pac.

He shared a video of him performing for his dog. His favorite dog used to be 2pac, but sadly he died in 2018.

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