The Valley is a free newspaper in the Mifflin County area that is published on the first Wednesday of each month. Deliveries take a few days, but are completed by the first Friday.

What we are
A free newspaper that incorporates local human interest stories as well as stories and articles focused on farming, gardening, self-reliance, modern homesteading, and frugal living. The paper will include some of the regular newspaper flare, such as advertising and local events. Regular columnists will provide some content, but content could also come from you or other news sources as well. Our goal is to serve Mifflin County and the surrounding area with stories that you find interesting and pertain to your everyday life. However, we won’t be publishing many things that you find in your daily newspaper, such as breaking news, weather, obituaries, or births and weddings.

Where you can get it
You can pick up a copy of The Valley at many of the same places where you’d find other free newspapers, such as The Bargain Sheet. Local businesses, convenience stores, grocery stores, and restaurants all over Mifflin, Centre, Juniata, Snyder, and Huntingdon Counties.

Want to see your name in a byline?
Have a story to contribute?

Have an interest in writing? Can you keep it focused on farming, gardening, self-reliance, modern homesteading, frugal living, or something else of local human interest? Do you own or visit a business that would like to carry The Valley? If so, submit a story for consideration or drop a line to inform us of a new outlet to, thevalleynewspaper@gmail.com or snail mail it to
The Valley
PO Box 41
Yeagertown, PA 17099

Tel: Message line (717) 363-1550









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